Why Smart Repair?

Scratches, scuffs and chips are equally unsightly as well as drive the value of your vehicle down. Disregarding these issues will inevitably lead to the bodywork rusting, meaning you could incur unnecessary and avoidable extra costs in the future.

Vehicles with this form of damage would have in the past, been repaired in a conventional body shop. This meant the repair taking a week and costing considerably more

Damages we repair:

  • Bumper Scuffs
  • Wing mirror Casing damage
  • Paint chips and scratches
  • Cracks
  • Panel damage

What to expect from us At Hampshire Smart Repairs, we eliminate these inconveniences by coming to you. Our services approximately take less than an hour and cost a fraction of the price while maintaining the same high level of quality. During the course of all repairs, colour matching is undertaken to the Vehicle Manufacturers Paint Code specification allowing precise on site matching. Recent years have seen paint technology improve. At Hampshire Smart Repairs, we are dedicated to using the latest and very best paint and auxiliary products to achieve restoring your vehicles paintwork to pristine quality.